MOOIMAAK is a non-surgical makeover series (13 episodes) featuring 13 women who undergo intense beauty treatment for a 3 to 4 month period under the personal guidance of Clare Wiese-Wentsel. The results of this labour of love are delighting South African viewers.

A while ago former journalist, attorney and jewellery designer Clare Wiese-Wentzel started a “lifestyle” blog about beauty, health, food, fashion, spirituality, relationships and all things close to her heart. “The Global Critic” blog became a real passion and she was overwhelmed with the positive response. This sparked the idea of a make-over show for television. Clare explains: “Knowing what it’s like to feel vulnerable about certain aspects of one’s appearance, and having access to the best in the business, I wanted to share the tips and tricks and introduce women who needed it to specialists and therapists and who might not otherwise have had access thereto. It is a huge honour and compliment that these remarkable women have trusted a complete stranger with overseeing radical changes to their looks in an attempt to make them feel a little more comfortable in their skin.”


Year 2018
Genre Reality TV
Originally aired on DSTV Channel 144
Language Afrikaans

Written & Directed by WILLEM OELOFSEN


Complete Episode: